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Welcome to Bella Lusso Jewelers, a locally owned jewelry store in South Burlington, VT

We are a locally owned high end jewelry store in South Burlington, Vermont. We hand pick a wide selection of engagement rings, wedding bands, and high end fashion as well as custom work, repairs and all other jewelry needs.


 Shop in person or online for local pickup and shipping.

Over our many years in this industry, we have realized our ability to offer a tailored experience in a jewelry store, by creating an environment you will enjoy, genuinely caring for our clients.   We will work with you to translate the story in your heart into a piece that will represent you.

Why Shop With Us?

 We specialize in engagement, wedding bands, custom design, and fashion. To help you find the perfect fit we also offer repairs, restoration, and sizing.

When you shop with us, you are supporting a locally owned and women-owned buisness.  


Shop a variety of rings in different styles, shapes, or start the custom design process.

Wedding Bands

Meet the perfect match to your new engagement ring! Shop men's and women's bands.

Custom Design 

Upgrade, redesign, and reuse your jewelry to give it a second life. Schedule an appointment,


High end gold, diamond, sapphire pieces and more. Including gifts under $100.

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