Custom Jewelry

The custom design process allows you to create the pieces of jewelry you are wanting to make as one of a kind. It involves a consultation, learning what it is you desire in a finished piece. Anna will sketch it for you, then the sketch is shown as a CAD rendering for your approval before moving to the wax stage to see your vision in three dimensional models of your ring to then be completed.


We pride ourselves on the accuracy of design and are happy to have you join us through these separate stages so you are confident before completing. It is also a great opportunity if you are looking to upgrade a piece, change an existing design using your stones, or have inherited jewelry you want to make your own.


We look forward to working for you with our production abilities!

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Our in-house designers are there from start to finish. From the initial contact, through sketching, and rendering the ring. You'll feel comfortable and in control of your project. 


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