Our Story


Over our many years in this industry, we have realized our ability to offer a tailored experience in a jewelry store, by creating an environment you will enjoy, genuinely caring for our clients. We will work with you to translate the story in your heart into a piece that will represent you.

Bella Lusso Jewelers was founded in December 2019, born from a vision of a local woman-run jewelry and custom design shop where we can empower and encapture the true stories of love, remembrance, and life through jewelry and custom art. 


Anna grew up in a family of artists, engineers, and builders, learning at a very young age she has a passion for the design field as she was inspired by fashion, architecture, Vogue magazines, models, and the culture of the fashion industry.  “Art is my passion, to be able to create something that didn’t exist before I sketched it”.   Learning Diamond as a career her favorite parts about being in the jewelry industry are the people she meets.  Not only the colleagues in the industry so gracious and talented but Clients that visit Anna for her experience and guidance in design ultimately becoming part of their lives through moments we are trying to capture and wear as a symbol to last generations.  “It all starts with a wish, that we form into a design concept, and I am starstruck by the completed piece for my client-friends every time, and it simply wouldn’t be the same sketching only for myself. 


When a client views their completed project with me I get that feeling you have when you can’t wait for someone to open their present you got them.  I am so excited to reveal their dreams in beautiful materials and final polish”.  Anna says her husband's fierce intelligence and years of amazing support along with her now-adult twin sons' impressive work ethic in their fields are a constant inspiration to try every day.  


“ It is what we are all here for, to be on this planet, finding our niche’ and try, and share what we have found. There will be people that tell you - you are mediocre, and I am here telling you, you are not.  Not everyone handles each other with the care we all deserve.  In the face of adversity and discrimination, be it ethnicity, economic status, religious beliefs, mental health, I encourage those condemning to become educated. (“He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone”.  The condemning walks away. ) Honestly, the best thing that comes of our lives is the hardships we all face whatever they may be so that when we have found success in our passion and we have regained our energy, we are humbled and focused so we may then reach back, grab someone’s hand and pull them up to meet us”.


Amy grew up in Wrightsville Pennsylvania and attributes her drive and determination to her influential Grandfather.  “My grandfather with whom I spent a great amount of time, was a diligent business owner that valued the integrity of his company for the clients and relationships with them”.    During her college years Amy worked in a jewelry store and found the same inherited likeness of creating friendships with her clients, as well as jewelry, and the industry itself, as she said “ the rest is history”.  Amy and her husband decided to plant their roots here in Vermont after falling in love with the lifestyle they experienced on many Vermont vacations, hiking its mountains and snowshoeing its trails with their St. Bernard Eloise. 


“ Vermont has the farmers market feel, the artisan restaurants, and uniqueness we all come here or stay here for”.  What Amy enjoys most in this industry is the loyal support and long-time relationships she formed within the international jewelry community.  “ I am always keeping current on jewelry styles and what our customers are asking for so I really appreciate I have so many contacts just a phone call away excited to help my customers.  After over two decades in the industry, it’s a great time to be a business owner in Vermont”.  Amy says she is grateful for her husband and the opportunities Vermont has provided them.

Bella Lusso Jewelers is a jewelry shop and jewelry repair shop located in Burlington, Vermont. We offer repairs, resizing, and custom designs for engagement rings, wedding bands, restoration of jewelry, and more. we service all of Vermont, New York, and New Hampshire. We are located in the University Mall at 155 Dorset St d19, South Burlington, VT 05403 and open 11:00 - 6:00 pm seven days a week and 24/7 online. We offer financing and payment plans for engagement and wedding bands.