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Custom Engagement Rings in Vermont

Why pick Bella Lusso Jewelers for your next custom design work? We offer a step by step process to make sure your vision is accurate represented. We can work from scratch, or you can else a ring base to start, and modify as we go.

Our client came to use with an idea of an emerald cut stone, but wanted to add more sparkle around the center. Everything can be modified. From the width of the band, the size of each stone, to the clarity and size of the diamonds.

Do you have an existing ring? An heirloom that needs a modern touch? Our team takes care with every piece so you can rest knowing that your ring is in the best hands, and will return sparking, new but still hold the sentimental value.

Thinking of how to incorporate the new and old into your jewelry? Contact us directly here, online, or call us at (802) 497-3865 for helping starting the custom design process!

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